Niche Marketing – Can You Select The Most Profitable Keyword Group, Before Launch?

In a previous article, I wrote about how it is necessary to segment the markets described by different keyword groups, and survey them all, while combining similar ones, in keeping with Dr Livingston’s methods.

The next step is for you to decide which keyword group represents profitable sales, even before entering the market. You may be skeptical, but there is a way to do this.

Separating these keyword groups will help you to start catering to the more profitable ones, right away. And postpone handling riskier ones (the ones you need to expend more effort on), till later. You may tackle them after you have documented how well the more profitable groups react.

How do you decide which keyword groups — representing maximum sales in your market of choice — you should launch with?

You have the responding group of people taking a survey. You track these people, so that you know which keyword group a respondent came from. It is a fact that the more willing people are to take a survey, the more willing they will be to continue the relationship (opt onto your e-list, or sign up for your newsletter). And the more likely they will eventually buy a product from you.

Of course, you must write good sales copy for this promotion, but you will be able to do this by lifting the language from the respondents’ survey answers. And anywhere from 5 to 10 % of this profitable group could finally ending up buying your product. And you can do all this without selling anything, without even designing a product. All you have to do is survey the target group, and tabulate and calculate the results with a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Then, there is a group called Hyper Responsive Buyers, who buy a lot from you. They typically represent 5 % of your market, but contribute more than 50 % to your sales. These people are an important segment of your market. You would do well to talk to them and get to know everything about them. So that your bottom line goes up eventually, and most significantly.

For instance, your survey may reveal that some of the people making a particular mention in their response are 20 times more likely to sign up for a continuity program, such as a cholesterol medication. By making a telephone call to such people, you can squeeze out everything about them and make sure they buy from you.

So, coming back to the point, the key to good business is getting to know 100 % of a customer’s concerns and needs. Though most marketers understand this, they fall far short of the intensity of information gathering required. So you will be the one to have maximum information about the customer – and you will be the one to sell the products and leave your competitors far behind.

How to Find the Compelling Sales Pitch For Your Product Or Service

“Hi! I am Jack Higgins, I sell chocolate cookies, likes of which you have never tasted before. I have been in this business for the past six years, buy from me.”Some would consider this to be a good sales pitch to attract people to buy cookies. However, if you want to attract intelligent and shrewd consumers to buy your cookies then you may have to work harder at your sales gimmick.Most of the business and service providers don’t have a clue about how to sell their product to the masses. Selling a product or a service is all about how you package and present it to the people. A good sales pitch should have substance, be attractive and believable and most importantly it should “compel” the user to buy the product or the service. This is not such a difficult task, all it requires is a bit of ingenuity and research. All this sleuthing would enable you to pinpoint on the compelling sales pitch to attract the people.This sales pitch could emerge from anywhere. You may find it in someone’s reaction to the product or in the processes involved in making the product. You could also find it in the very reason because of which you started this business.Looking at the example of the chocolate cookies, perhaps after much investigation and research, you would come to know that these chocolate cookies had a special recipe. This was the recipe of a chocolate connoisseur, who used a very special kind of chocolate with healing powers in it. As a result, besides giving flavor these biscuits also heal the soul. The chocolate uses ancient healing herbs and original cocoa as ingredients,Armed with this knowledge, you can make your sales pitch sound like, “Delicious, yummy chocolate cookies made with the original, pure cocoa. Cookies so yummy, that they are sure to make your mouth water. Cookies made with special healing herbs. Cookies that come with unique money back guarantee. If you don’t like them we will give your money back.”As you can see and observe for yourself, there is a vast difference in how the same product has appeared here and in the opening paragraph of this article. Customers also start looking at the product differently. This has been possible because of the effort that has gone into finding the right sales pitch that will be attractive to the customer. This theory will work for most sales promotion campaigns.For selling any product or service, you need to do a research into its background to find the right pitch. Let us, take another example of selling a new kind of aerobic exercise video. As you know, the market is flooded with these kind of exercise videos and you will have to make an extra effort to make your video more appealing than the rest.For finding the right sales idea, you can start looking into that various factors that go into making the video, the exercises and their effect. Next, look at the number of people that it has affected giving positive results. Also, investigate into its side effects if any. With all this knowledge, you are bound to come up with the right sales pitch.Maybe after much research you would come up with the information that these aerobic exercises have a far-reaching and fast effect on the abs. Moreover, maybe these aerobic exercises have been inspired from a particular dancing style like the jazz.You can now use all this information to plan your sales gimmick and make it very attractive to the customers and prospects. Otherwise, you would have given a simple idea, which would not have had such a great effect. Fewer people would have been attracted to your video and still lesser number would have gone on to buy it.Now, your sales promo may look something like this, “Enjoy the benefits of aerobic workout along with exciting jazz dancing for great looking abs in quick-time!” The impact of the right sales pitch makes it worthy of a fortune. To find the right pitch depends on you and the product or the service that you want to launch. All you need to do is to introduce the right sales pitch in your ads and promotion messages that people come running to you, armed with cash.

Working on Multiple Info-Products Simultaneously – Delaying Revenue Generation From Any of Them

Oh, if I only had as many minutes in a day as I have great ideas.

Here is what typically happens to many information marketers when they’re first starting out. They do some research and determine they have viable products they can develop in multiple markets. So they begin writing an eBook or developing a course on chinchilla farming, raising cacti, earthworms, and who knows what else all at the same time.

Their thought process is like this. “I’ll just work a little each day on each of my eight projects, and before long, I’ll have a great big library of information products that I’ll be making money on.”

So they work a little while each day on their chinchilla-farming book. Then they switch over to their book on raising cacti. After a while, they tire of that, so they begin some work on their great new eBook on earthworms. And so on and so on.

By utilizing this approach, you delay the completion of any individual project for some period of time. So nothing is making you any money because everything is still in a state of development. If each project takes a month to complete, you’re effectively delaying any possible revenue inflow until at least four months down the road if you’re working on four projects simultaneously.

And, invariably, something that you think will take a week ends up taking two or more. So maybe those four months becomes six or seven or eight. You are hemorrhaging cash, and nothing is coming in.

What is a better plan? Focus on one and get it done. Get it out in the market to begin generating you revenue. Then move on to the second project and repeat the process. That way you have one project generating revenue after month one, another generating revenue after month two, another generating revenue after month three, etc.. No waiting until month four to get anything coming in at all.

That is if you’re doing all the work yourself. Experienced information marketers know they don’t have to do all the product creation themselves. They use ghostwriters and other resources to help them generate more products more quickly. This is where you want to get to. Just be sure when you’re starting out you don’t get sucked into the multiple project trap.