Information Product Marketers – It’s Time to Fail Fast So You Can Win Big

If you are in the information product world, you need to find a way to get your product to market quickly. You have to be able to make it fast so you can fail fast. Only your customers get to vote on the success of your business, so there is no point in leaving your information product on the shelf for a long time. Read on to find out how you can fail fast.

There is no better feeling than unveiling a new product to the marketplace. There is also no worse feeling. This is the day of voting. Your customers are going to tell you exactly how they like your product, one way or the other and many times it will surprise you. You can do all of the research that you want and all of the planning and product launching in the world, but if your market doesn’t want what you’ve got there is no way they will hand over their cash.

So what’s the answer? The answer is that you need to start thinking like Thomas Edison. You need to get the ideas out there and out there fast. You need a way to create a lot of information products so that your market can pick and choose which ones will become great and which ones will become total duds. They are the only ones that get to decide in a free market. Sure you will have the help of some great copywriting and marketing strategies along the way, but if your product does not solve the problem that the customer wants solved, you can call it quits. You need a lot of products fast.

In order to get an information product out quickly you will need to develop a medium that you like to use and stick with it. Maybe it’s print, maybe it’s video or a combination, but whatever it is, stick with it so your readers will know what to expect. Remember that you want repeat customers, not just one-time sales. You don’t have to go for the $8,000 courses that the gurus are trying to peddle. You can start small and sell in bulk. Create website templates and book or video templates so that as soon as you get an idea you can get it out to your marketplace.

Remember to let your winners run and your losers fold. Don’t waste your time trying to prop up a product failure when your money-maker is just sitting there. Spend your time on the sellers, not the losers and you will win big in the long run.